What factors does the admissions committee consider when deciding whether to admit an applicant?
The main criteria considered are:

  • A commitment to public service;
  • Demonstrated leadership or leadership potential; and
  • An academic background that indicates an ability to be successful in a rigorous social science program that promotes critical thinking and is writing intensive.

Enhancing factors include:

  • Service involvement in leadership positions;
  • Professional work experience in the public or nonprofit sector. Here, professional work is defined as having responsibility for service or program management, policy creation or implementation, or providing leadership for a section or unit.
  • First generation graduate student;
  • Bringing diverse experiences or perspectives to the classroom.

Can I apply as a non-degree seeking student?
Yes. Non-degree-seeking applicants must confirm that they have completed an undergraduate degree; and, if applicable, meet English proficiency requirements for Provisional admission. They are not required to meet the other standards of Regular admission.

Non-degree seeking applicants do not intend to work for an advanced degree. If a non-degree student later applies for admission as a regular degree-seeking student, and is accepted by a department, the total of transfer credit may not exceed 9 hours, or 8 hours if the student holds a baccalaureate degree from KU (this total includes credit from other accredited graduate schools as well as non degree credit earned at KU).

The non-degree application process can be found on the Graduate Admissions site. The application fee for non-degree seeking students is $30.

Can I transfer courses that I have taken at another college or university?
Consult with an advisor if you would like to have courses evaluated for transfer credit. Masters students may transfer in nine hours of course credit. All transfer credits must be approved for relevance and must be transferred in prior to a student’s final semester in the program.

Are there scholarship funds or financial aid available?
Scholarships are available for students accepted into the City Management Fellowship. A few additional scholarships are also available. A helpful financial resource is the Office of Graduate Studies' Costs and Aids webpage.